Sustainable living, behaviors and products are the future. They are better for people, businesses and the planet. Our mission is to forward social and environmental causes and support people, communities and organizations working for change.



RARE EARTH MEDIA seeks to provide a strong and relevant voice to important and often under-served causes that impact our lives, our surroundings, and our environment. We design CAUSE CAMPAIGNS that inspire individual and collective action and make a measurable difference in society.


RARE EARTH DESIGN works towards developing market savvy designs in the hand-loom and handicraft sector, refine artisan skills and improve livelihood opportunities for crafts-people. We also take Media Campaigns beyond the digital realm by conceptualizing and creating specific Cause Products.

Partner for CHANGE

We believe that solving today's most challenging  social and environmental problems require collaborative thinking and acting.  We partner with governments, businesses and cause organizations - harness the knowledge, skills and resources of each - to bring about change through communication and design interventions.